Enneagram.rc process

The Enneagram.rc process can be used as

Stand-alone discovery

Useful to everyone for personal development and relationships. For couples who’d like to know how to relate better. For families and business teams to look at ways of working better together.

Adjunct to any counselling, coaching or spiritual direction

In these situations the person visits the Enneagram.rc practitioner to identify their Enneatype and continues with their professional. Often only one or two sessions will suffice for this purpose.

Counselling process with an Enneagram.rc facilitator

Who’d use Play of Life(r) and other methods through the counselling process.

What is the Enneagram?

The name Enneagram stems from the Greek words ennea (nine) and grammos (a written symbol). The nine-pointed Enneagram symbol represents nine types, nine ways for ‘knowing ourselves, understanding others and relating with the world’. These nine types are present in all of us but due to genetics (nature) and life experiences (nurture) we develop our own personality, we favour different ways of knowing ourselves, understanding others and seeing the world. This personal preference is called ‘types’ in the enneagram. These types are like a ‘lens’ from which we see the world.

The lines in the graph represent specific connections between types. This can be explained further by an Enneagram.rc coach.

Our Enneagram.rc logo has a circle in the centre with two chairs representing ‘relationships’ (see article – about the RC logo). The big circle and the small circle in the middle represent an ‘eye’, our lens from which we see life. This is the logo of Relationship Capital supporting the belief that “life is no more, no less than how we relate with one another.” “The Power is Between Us!” The Enneagram graph is not connected to any other philosophical or religious tradition.

What is the best way of finding my Enneagram type?

Enneagram.RC in a nutshell

A brief description of the Enneagram
We all are the sum of all 9 types

We all are the sum of all 9 types


This is like a lens from which we see ourselves, others and the world.
We are born with clean lenses, ready to build our ‘true self’.

Powered by the Play of Life® help us to:

Powered by the Play of Life® help us to:


Discover our cognitive bias through insight into our emotions and behaviours. Visualise our ‘true self’, who we are. Identify the thinking process, beliefs, emotions, behaviours that taint our lens.

We are not perfect

We are not perfect


We create a construct to ‘cover’ the fear, called cognitive biases.
These constructs cover our lenses affecting how we see ourselves, others and life, resulting in seeing life in a distorted way. This builds our ‘false self’.


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