“I loved learning about myself through the lense of the Enneagram. Melanie was the ideal teacher and a generous companion to have during this process of self-development. This has probably been one of the most empowering processes of self-reflection and personal growth that I have gone through. The enneagram framework creates a clear structure and the conversation and guidance with Melanie brought it all to life. I’m looking forward to more learning in this way with Melanie.” 

Miriam Pickard College Teacher & Performance Artist (Australia)

“I have found since attending the meeting with Melanie I now have the ability to stop my train of thought and redirect it into a more positive approach when faced with negativity or an unpleasant situation. I am able to identify how my personality might work well with others, or at times clash, and how-to better approach and interact with others, whether it be on a personal level or within the workplace. …Since comparing my personality type to others within my team, I have found myself to generally be happier and more productive at work, as I feel I now better understand where others are coming from and why they react and act the way they do, and I am able to better shape my responses and actions to suit them and the situation. I can’t highly recommend Enneagram.rc enough.”

– Taneyha M HealthShare NSW (Australia)

“Melanie has such a wonderful way of speaking to you, making you feel SO comfortable and ready to open up in the best ways we personally know how. It was completely non-invasive and has left me with all the tools and guidance I need to become the better, if not, the best version of myself. I was engaged the entire conversation! As a business and spiritual advisor, as well as a teacher/business owner of a dance studio for children, and an owner of an e-commerce business, I would highly recommend Melanie to guide you through this process as a way of succeeding in life, love and career. I will take this away with me and utilise it in becoming a much more wholesome woman.”

– Stephanie C Business & Spiritual Advisor (Australia)

“Working in a busy corporate setting, I met Melanie with a quiet scepticism. During our meeting she asked questions about how I’d react to a few situations. A completely different approach to deciphering my personality type. For the first time I felt like someone had actually looked inside me to understand who I am, before assigning me a personality type. Melanie uses her deep understanding of the Enneagram types to bring out the best in me whilst cautioning me about my blindsides. She has helped me identify areas of development, that I have ignored for years; things as simple as taking care of myself. Every session with Melanie, I learn more about how to keep myself nourished inside and out. She has a unique way of explaining complex theories and concepts, through relatable everyday experiences. I am very grateful for having Melanie as my coach and I am sure she has far to go in assisting people be the best versions of themselves.”

– Ani K HealthShare NSW (Australia)