Over the past 5 years, I have been helping people find their lens through the Enneagram and experimenting with different ways to explain the Enneagram and teach them how to begin to incorporate it into their lives. It took me 4 years to mould my style of Enneagram coaching. In this process, I found that the best way to help people to find their lens is to start with a verbal questionnaire. An online questionnaire can often be misleading or even confusing for people as they can answer the questions differently depending on their mood, their stage in life, etc. With this verbal questionnaire, I begin by explaining the foundations of the Enneagram and then prepare you with tips on how to answer the questions in order to get an accurate reading. I then tell you what it sounds like and we go from there. As your Enneagram.rc coach, I am your mirror and cannot tell you what your lens is but what it is sounding like based on your answers.

So, what does this entail?

This Journey is a three-stage guided personal discovery process using the Enneagram. In the first stage, you’ll discovery your Enneatype, in the second and third stages you will delve deeper into your own type and it’s correlation to other types, and a path towards learning how to live life better, especially in relationships. These sessions are for those with little to no prior knowledge of the Enneagram.

It’s called Enneagram “RC”, for Relationship Capital, as it includes key skills to manage relationships better and enhance Emotional and Social Intelligence.

Through the discovery journey, other topics may arise opening areas of life that hinder growth and may need revisiting. These growth opportunities can be further explored through coaching with Melanie.

The Enneagram journey can be experienced as a Tourist or Pilgrim

A tourist is one that travels taking photos, getting souvenirs but does not incorporate the culture of the places they visit into their life. The person that entered into a town, is the same person who leaves the town, being a tourist does not produce any change. A Pilgrim, on the other hand, is one that in their travels, incorporates, assimilates and resonates with each experience. The person who leaves the town or site is moved, they are transformed from their experience, they are no longer who they were when they entered the town. Melanie invites you to be a Pilgrim along this journey.

Stage One, “Discovery”

1.5hrs session and follow-up material.

In the first session you’ll discover your “core” Enneatype. This is the lens from which you view the world, the past, the present and the future. The lens you use to view your hopes and fears.

Melanie will guide “you” with a verbal questionnaire (as mentioned above) to discover your Enneatype. She will not tell you your type, she will reflect back to you what type/s it sounds like. Your core Enneatype never changes. The process of finding a personal Enneatype, for some people, may take some time and exploration.

If you have done an Enneagram questionnaire in the past, or know a little bit about it, the first session will be a time to revisit, reaffirm, and reassess your understanding of your own Enneatype. 

Session Two, Digging Deeper


Moving forward towards the best of you.  This session is a natural progression in the Enneagram Journey adapted to the need of every Pilgrim. It’s a time to reflect on the discoveries of the First Session, what you’ve noticed and learnt from the material provided. For many, it’s here where the “penny drops” and connections are made regarding insight into your own behaviour and the behaviours of others thus expanding the Pilgrim’s Emotional and Social Intelligence. It prepares the Pilgrim to become an Explorer. Further reading material may be provided as needed.

Session Three, From Pilgrim to Explorer


In this session, the Pilgrim continues to assimilate the learning and growing into the best of themself, their True Self. The Pilgrim is invited to become an Explorer, to venture into discovering new paths in life and creating new ones, where he or she has never travelled before.

Melanie continues walking beside you in your discoveries, helping you to add new experiential learnings to your Life Toolbox. She helps you to “visualise”, believe and discover the next steps to move towards the “best of you”, your True Self.

Further reading material will be provided as needed.

After three sessions the Pilgrim made Explorer, realises that there is more to explore and desire to make an incursion into new territories of personal and relational growth.

Follow-up sessions are encouraged approximately every 2-3 months. You may choose to dig deeper through an ongoing coaching process.

Relationships are more than just about me and you, it’s what happens between us two!

Melanie Raimundo

Relational Enneagram

Melanie adapts the 3 Session Enneagram Coaching for relationships, personal or work.

Relational Enenagram consist of individual Enneagram.rc discovery process and joint sessions where the couple, team or family learn together how to “live life better with one another”. Those who benefited from this process include long, short relationships and those in the forming.

Also applicable for those looking for a life partner, helping them to know themselves better and discover the type of person that could suit them to continue growing in life instead of having someone who drains or weaken them. For those who are wondering why they continue to go back to the same type of person.

The first session is individual with each family member to find their Enneatype (see 1st Session), the second session is a joint session with the couple or family. The third session is individual and the fourth session is a joint session. Melanie and the clients will identify if there is a need for follow-up sessions.

Bringing Enneagram.rc to your organisation

Melanie has extensive experience in running Enneagram.rc workshops for personal, family, groups and team developments.

She has presented the Enneagram Internationally, Argentina and the Netherlands and facilitated enneagram workshops in large and small organisations, including HealthShare NSW, Ministry of Health NSW, Geeks on Tap. Affordable Openings, Berkmans. Also in church settings as churches and religious communities.