Melanie holds a Diploma in Counselling, Facilitator and Accredited Play of Life® Coach and Enneagram.rc, personal, family and corporate coach. Melanie is a professional member of the International Enneagram Association and a partner of Relationship Capital. Melanie is also training to be a professional opera singer.

Melanie was a consultant at HealthShare NSW, Australia, a 140,000-employee government enterprise and to non-governmental, church-based organizations where she teaches workshops and coaching at Relationship Capital employing the techniques and learnings from Enneagram.rc, Play of Life® and using corporate leadership profiles.

Enneagram.rc (Relationship Capital) is the combination of the traditional Enneagram with the techniques of Play of Life®, Three-dimensional Visual Method, Morenian Roles Theory and Neuroscience. Dedicated professionally to the transformation of personal, group and family behaviour. Melanie has presented Enneagram.rc in Australia, Argentina (2017) and the Netherlands (2018).

Melanie is a colleague and associate of Carlos A. Raimundo, her proud father, an Argentine doctor and creator of Play of Life®, for which he received the AASGPP Innovator Award in New York. The goal of Melanie and Carlos is that Enneagram.rc and Play of Life® can be used, in addition to, professionally in psychotherapy and leadership, for self-help and help of each other outside the professional arena, in order to expand integral health for all, especially to those without access to professional help. This method is used professionally in each continent.

Melanie lives in Sydney. She’s training to be an opera singer an art with which she expresses the freshness of her soul through her soprano, coloratura voice.