We don’t choose the team we have at work with, let alone the team leaders or stakeholders. Unless you are the team leader, you don’t get to choose who is on your team or who your stakeholders are at work. As such, tensions may arise when we are faced with different personalities which can either help us grow or may diminish us.

Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.

Charles R. Swindoll

Using the Enneagram to understand ourselves and others, specifically when under pressure, can help make it a bit easier, to relate to our team leaders, colleagues, stakeholders, and even those in our personal life.

To help make it a bit easier, I’ve put together this Enneagram.rc in a Snapshot table (inspired by Riso & Hudson) with a little bit of information about each type.

I recommend to print it and have it handy on your desk ready for any email, meeting, or even casual conversation by the water cooler.
Note: This snapshot has been created with business/professional relationships in mind but can be helpful for any relationship.


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